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Spark Detection and Extinguishing System




Since 1977, FLAMEX Products have been available in North America to prevent fires and explosions in pneumatic conveying, air filtration and dust collecting systems. Today, after more than 3 decades of continual improvements and technological advancements, our products have reached an even higher standard of quality, reliability and effectiveness than ever before. The products that we can offer are not confined to the systems and components described in the following pages. As a company we are continually broadening our product line with quality fire safety products to assist our customers in maintaining a safer work environment. The information contained within will help you gain an understanding of some of the systems and protection concepts that we can employ to protect the lives and property of our customers. We ask you to contact us for further information concerning how we can best be of assistance to your company.




"If combustible dusts are collected, there is a fire and explosion hazard in the collector regardless of the bag construction."
- Factory Mutual
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The only North American supplier of Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems associated with a major global fire protection equipment manufacturing organization.

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